3 Investments to Hedge Against Inflation

The last thing on anyones mind right now is the word “Inflation.” While most people are sitting at home or work thinking about how low their 401k plan has gone, how likely they are to lose their job, or if they will be able to afford their mortgage payment next month, inflation is simmering getting ready to boil out of it’s pot. Many experts who are rather respected in the field of economics are predicting that inflation could rise to levels not seen since the oil embargo of the 1970′s. Because of the huge influx of money the world governments have injected into the system, we could face inflation rivaling the double digit numbers we saw 30-40 years ago. Although I don’t think it will be quite that bad, there are steps one should take in order to protect their assets from inflation, and possibly make money in the process. Here are three quick ways invest your money to protect yourself if inflation does sky rocket.

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Managing Your Investment Portfolio During a Recession

For a layman the terminology ‘Recession’ signifies business dropping for six consecutive months. However, the exact definition of the term would be that a recession marks a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in the Gross Domestic Product or GDP for two successive quarters. During times of recession, one notices a significant change in the lifestyle of people. Many stop or reduce spending on luxuries such as dining out, new furniture, cars and jewelry. The business houses often announce cuts in capital expenditures such as new machinery, hiring employees or moving to larger facilities.

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Real Estate Notes – An Investment Recipe For Success!

The stock market continues to expand and retreat. Personal portfolios are dwindling. It is a “buyers market” in real estate. Banks, despite an unprecedented federal bailout, are tightening their lending programs so the average purchaser can’t obtain a loan.

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